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CBT Essentials

Core Competencies to Implement Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What will you learn?

Completion of this course will equip you with the core competencies to implement Cognitive Behavioural Therapy such as:

  1. Knowledge of basic principles of CBT and rationale for treatment
  2. Knowledge of common cognitive biases relevant to CBT
  3. Knowledge of the role of safety-seeking behaviours
  4. Ability to explain and demonstrate rationale for CBT to clients
  5. Ability to agree goals for the intervention
  6. Ability to adhere to an agreed agenda
  7. Ability to plan and to review practice assignments
  8. Using summaries and feedback to structure the session
  9. Ability to use measures & self-monitoring to guide therapy & to monitor outcome
  10. Ability to end therapy in a planned manner and to plan for long-term maintenance
  11. Ability to develop formulation and use this to develop a treatment plan
  12. Ability to understand clients world-view and response to therapy


Victoria Lacey is a BABCP-Accredited British Therapist with NHS experience, Clinical Lead at Talking Together Wirral, and University of Liverpool Visiting Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, specialising in CBT.

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